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I just completed the lead in JOYCE, an indie about a Filipino nanny navigating devastating circumstances in NY as she tries to hold on to her job, get paid from constant oversight by her employers, and service responsibilities back home in the Philippines. Here is the first trailer

JOYCE Trailer from Nora Jaenicke on Vimeo.


I am also in prep for the lead in WAR & PEACE, an indie film about a Native American ad exec who is suffering a nervous breakdown after losing her stillborn child, her mind, and possibly her job. Three successful women from different walks of life, in which all of them are dealing with troubles in their own lives, find peace and solace in healing and form an unexpected bond with one another showcasing sisterhood in womanhood. War & Peace (2018)


Psychological thriller A VIRTUAL LIE cast me as the FBI Agent in their upcoming indie set in small town USA about cyberstalking. A Virtual Lie (2019)

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